Last few days to use our Facebook Coupon

Posted by: After Midnight on 10/21/2011

Our $5.00 off coupon expires Oct 25th, so this weekend is a great time to shop for your costume. Our selection is still great and you are unlikely to wait for a dressing room. Next week will get crazy and the competition to get great costumes becomes fierce. So bring your friends and have some fun picking out a costume this weekend and remember we are open Friday and Saturday night until midnight. Make sure to go to our Super Hot Costumes tab in Facebook to get your $5.00 off coupon and bring it with you when you come! Call (561) 682-1002 if you need directions.

What's your style?

Posted by: After Midnight on 9/15/2011

Are you more studious? More of a clown? or Are you a Star?

No matter who you are normally, you can be anyone at Halloween. So either stay true to yourself, but express your personality in a big way, or push your limits and express your wild side, or who you want to be. So live a little.

These three costumes just arrived and we expect them to go really fast. So go to our Super Hot Costumes tab to get your coupon and get to After Midnight fast before they are gone.

How to create a great costume on a budget

Posted by: After Midnight on 9/07/2011

The best way to create a great look on a budget is to use what you have. The most expensive part of the costume is the body of it.  So dig your sexiest slinky black dress out of the closet and add accessories to create a look that will be uniquely yours.

  • Add a cop hat, utility belt, handcuffs, and a night stick for a cop that will stop traffic.
  • Add kitty ears and tail for a purrrrfect kitty look.
  • Add a bunny accessory set and tell people you are the runaway bride.

There are so many options and we have lots of ideas.  So whether that sexy dress in your closet is black, red, white, etc.  We can help you put together a great look.

So stop by the store and check out all the cool costumes and accessories to explore your options.

How to make your own corset costume

Posted by: After Midnight on 8/12/2011

Corset costumes are huge this year, and almost everyone looks great in a corset.  They accentuate your curves and guys love them.  It’s no wonder that they are the big thing.   Just add some accessories and you have a super sexy custom costume that will turn the guys heads and be completely unique to you.  And the best part is that after Halloween you haven’t spent all your money on something that you can’t wear again.  Just pair that corset with jeans or a skirt for a sexy club look, for add some thigh high’s and wear it privately for your man.

Assemble a corset with at tutu and a ear tail set to make a custom costume!

So the formula here is:

1) Pick the corset of your choice
2) Pick a tutu, skirt or petticoat to match
3) Pick an accessory set that completes the look

You end up with a costume where each piece fits perfectly and is unique to you!

There are so many options you may have trouble choosing.  We currently have over 50 different corsets…  Check out our corset wall.

Picture of our wall of corsets.