How to create a great costume on a budget

The best way to create a great look on a budget is to use what you have. The most expensive part of the costume is the body of it.  So dig your sexiest slinky black dress out of the closet and add accessories to create a look that will be uniquely yours.

  • Add a cop hat, utility belt, handcuffs, and a night stick for a cop that will stop traffic.
  • Add kitty ears and tail for a purrrrfect kitty look.
  • Add a bunny accessory set and tell people you are the runaway bride.

There are so many options and we have lots of ideas.  So whether that sexy dress in your closet is black, red, white, etc.  We can help you put together a great look.

So stop by the store and check out all the cool costumes and accessories to explore your options.