How to make your own corset costume

Corset costumes are huge this year, and almost everyone looks great in a corset.  They accentuate your curves and guys love them.  It’s no wonder that they are the big thing.   Just add some accessories and you have a super sexy custom costume that will turn the guys heads and be completely unique to you.  And the best part is that after Halloween you haven’t spent all your money on something that you can’t wear again.  Just pair that corset with jeans or a skirt for a sexy club look, for add some thigh high’s and wear it privately for your man.

Assemble a corset with at tutu and a ear tail set to make a custom costume!

So the formula here is:

1) Pick the corset of your choice
2) Pick a tutu, skirt or petticoat to match
3) Pick an accessory set that completes the look

You end up with a costume where each piece fits perfectly and is unique to you!

There are so many options you may have trouble choosing.  We currently have over 50 different corsets…  Check out our corset wall.

Picture of our wall of corsets.